Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The view from above

Here are more pictures I promised. Both are axial MRI sections, meaning they are shot as if looking down from the top of my head. Put another way, it’s as if you sliced me open at any particular level and look down at my neck. Here is a “healthy” view, a few levels up from where the problem is:healthy

Notice in the center the nice dark circle (spinal cord) surrounded by a white border (spinal fluid). Now for the unhealthy view:squished

The spinal cord is nearly triangular and the white border is nearly gone.

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  1. Hey, thanks for changing the settings so us normal folks can post comments. And for a cool, informative, unusual blog! As expected from Gary, the cut-and-dry approach to a pretty WOW thing helps to divert the heebie-jeebies and keep things in perspective. Nice touch. It was the same 20 years ago when you were weighing in on the decision for medical school, sitting on a rock in some pond in N.C. talking through the pros and cons.

    So, no head shakin' hippie dancing for a while, please. I am interested in the rehabilitation, and any movement restrictions in general, as well as any info on how this condition came about. If you are willing to share, that is. No pressure.

    Go slow, be good, enjoy the now, let go,