Friday, May 1, 2009

A thing of the past

Funny reading this again now. Seems like so long ago but it's not quite 5 months. I no longer feel like a post-op patient and with my next visit to the neurosurgeon (27 May) I'll be discharged. So, time to put this chapter behind as I don't plan to have another surgery (which is not to say it won't happen but I'm doing my best to prevent it).

On to other things to blog about. Some day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Holy cow

Haven’t visited in a while and here I look and my last post says “2 weeks” – today is 10 weeks! A lot can happen in 8 weeks. I can safely say that I’m nearly fully recovered. I have been riding for the last 3+ weeks, as much as 35 miles, and go through most of the day without even thinking about it. Sleeping is fine. The only lingering effect is a narrowing of my airway which is only sometimes noticeable and while I was worried about it 2 weeks ago it’s already improved since then. As long as it continues to get better and I expect it will, all is well. I am still supposed to be limiting some activity – no running or other impact activity, limit what I lift over my head to ~20 lbs, but those limitations “expire” in 2-3 weeks. I don’t go back to see the surgeon until my 6-month anniversary, where I’ll get Yet Another X-Ray (YAXR) to check titanium plate and screw placement and further evidence of bone fusion (already present on my 6-week film).

So if there’s not much more to write about the surgery, then what next? Will think about that.

The doctor is ... YOU! Online medical symptom checkers examined

Interesting article…but really this is just a test. I don’t know how I feel about what the article says just yet. Probably the Internet is very bad for hypochondriacs.

The doctor is ... YOU! Online medical symptom checkers examined