Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Post op day 5

A much better day – almost too good, actually. The paranoid part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nights are still tough but I rebounded in the AM much more quickly today. Here’s a real photo of me:P1030191  (click on pic for full size in a new window for a better view of the scar. Again, thanks to John Blaise for suggesting that I upload post-op scar pics – but if you’re grossed out, you can blame him).



And here’s a shot of the plate that’s screwed into the bones (click on pic for full size in a new window):


Pretty cool when you think about it. Compared to the MRI I posted to start this blog, there is now a larger and more even gap between the bones. Not as obvious unless you compare it to a pre-op x-ray (not posted) is that the bone spur protruding forward has been removed.




Tomorrow – either an insightful and heartwarming story about something that happened when I was in pre-op holding, or a meta-analysis of why I am unable to write heartwarming stories.

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